Why Blog the Wonderfuss?

My house, my socks, my hair, everything is infested with faeries. Imps up my nose-hole, hogboons in my compost heap, and a witch constantly trying to curse me (or give me some Orkney fudge).

Here are a few of my sketches and portraits of the unseen world… one swirling and whirling and jiggybirling all around us. You can ignore them, but they’ll write crumb messages in your bed, and steal every fifth sock. If like me, you don’t ignore, they’ll steal every second sock and write messages on your social media. Or they’ll start a bloggut, you’ll never know.

‘Faerie’ and/or ‘Faery’ is a term used in the enchanted community to describe any magical being, legendary creature, or mythical beast.  It also includes pommudgi, which are not magical in the slightest, but FaeryFolk haven’t the heart to not invite them to parties.

Here I am, Ellen, surrounded by faeries, with my rescued rook

Really, all they really want is for me to listen. And food. They want a lot of food. And constant acknowledgement and undivided attention and absolutely no toilet paper in the house. This last demand, as you can imagine, is an endless source of mutterous spit-wording.

Take a look, but be warned, giggling at elfish-faces is an instant invitation to goblin-sleepy-overs in your hallway. It’s mayhem; if you particularly value your light-bulbs, leave this bloggut. Right now.

Gnöll, and Icelandic Hill Troll, taking me for a dander
All artwork and text belongs to Ellen Forkin. (And a cantankerous goblin called Trupp-Trink.)