Hoarding Haggis Activity

This haggis likes to hoard – what weird and wonderfuss stuff does it collect?

Tartan underpants? Unicorn magnets? Mouldy old Scotch eggs maybe?

Doodle some fantastic things – from fidget spinners to buttercups – that this haggis has been gathering. It might be busy sneaking something from right under your nose!

Talking of noses… haggis like to show off their collection by balancing their favourite things on their snouts! Draw the bestest thing in this collection on the very tip of its snouty-nose!

Top Tip: Haggis are usually gingery-brown. So get some orange and brown pencils to colour your haggis in!

Note: This haggis is the Fierce Orkney kind, instead of the longer-sleeker-haired Braw Haggis of the Highlands.

Download and print this free PDF Activity Sheet and get doodling some hoarding haggis stuff!

This design was created specially for all the kids and parents in lockdown and to cheer things up in these tough times.  Snout raspberries to all!

Be sure to comment, tweet, instagram, email, message me your haggis collections!

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Happy Doodling!

Ellen x

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