Selkie Song Activity

What do selkies sing about deep under the ocean waves?

Seashells? Seagulls? Sea serpents!?

Name your selkie and doodle what you think would make a magical selkie song… Maybe she loves fish and chips or playing with dolphins or blowing bubbles up a basking sharks bum! Naughty!

Top Tip: You can draw swirly musical spirals or jazzy zigzags or maybe even a jiggedly fiddle to make your song more magical!

Download and print this free PDF Activity Sheet and get doodling some magical selkie music!

This design was created specially for all the kids and parents in lockdown and to cheer things up in these tough times. 

Be sure to comment, tweet, instagram, email, message me your beautiful selkie songs!

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Happy Doodling!

Ellen x

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