Doodle Monster Activity 2

I’ve got some more Doodle Monsters for you to get scribbling on!

These mini monsters need a magic wand – or a pencil – to make them magnificently monstrous! Doodle a new ginormous nose, sharp go-faster spikes, two big twitchy ears and some flappity-flap wings to whizz around the clouds!

When you’re finished, you can also create your own mish-mash monster full of squiggly legs, googly eyes, gnashing teeth, and squiggly claws!

Download and print this free PDF Activity Sheet and get doodling them mini monsters!

This design was created specially for all the kids and parents in lockdown and to cheer things up in these tough times. 

Be sure to comment, tweet, instagram, email, message me your fun little Doodle Monsters!

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Happy Doodling!

Ellen x

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