Book Imp Activity

Hands up who loves to read… This tiny book imp sure does! Book imps love magicking books, even impossible books, and sniffing that bookish smell! (Bit odd.)

What is your book imp called? He or she wants you to dream up what your perfect book would be and doodle a brilliant book cover!

Here are a few ideas of titles:

  • Luna Lovegood’s Secret Diary
  • Is There Really A Monster Under Your Bed?
  • Hiccup’s Guide to Dragon Dentistry
  • The Hobbit’s Recipe Book of Second Breakfasts
  • The Unicorn Who Couldn’t Sing

Ah, poor little unicorn. If you’re little yourself, you can get an adult to help you with the words.

Or, if you have a top favourite book that’s pretty perfect already, you can copy its design or create a brand new cover for it. The possibilities are endless!

Download and print this free PDF Activity Sheet and get doodling some storytime delights!

This design was created specially for all the kids and parents in lockdown and to cheer things up in these tough times. Sending you all some cosy, bookish vibes! 

Be sure to comment, tweet, instagram, email, message me your brilliant book designs!

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Happy Doodling!

Ellen x

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