Witch Bottle Activity

What weird and wonderfuss stuff would you find in a witch’s bottle?

Eyeballs for potions? Newt tails for breakfast? The tears of naughty children for a cauldron-carrot-cake recipe? Whether it be ghost farts or demon giggles, doodle something you would capture and keep for a magic spell or ghastly witching brew.

Top Tip: Witches can squeeeeeeeze almost anything inside a witchy bottle – the only limit is your imagination!

Download and print this free PDF Activity Sheet and get doodling some weird, gross and fun magic ingredients!

This design was created specially for all the kids and parents in lockdown and to cheer things up in these tough times. Sending you all some powerful, good witchy magic!

Be sure to comment, tweet, instagram, email, message me your wonderfuss witch bottles!

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@ellen_forkin on Instagram

@ellen_forkin on Twitter

Happy Doodling!

Ellen x

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